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II. not Christian documents on Jesus
- Thallus:
pagan historian whose writings dating back to 52 are lost; only fragments cited by other authors have survived. Thus, Julius Africanus, a Christian writer of 220s quotes Thallus, about the darkness that took place during the crucifixion of Jesus:
"Thallus, in the third book of his History says this darkness by an eclipse, what seems unacceptable".
This is evidence of a "indirect" for the existence of Jesus, that this author speaks of "Eclipse" which took place at the crucifixion of Jesus implies that he takes for granted the existence of Jesus.

- Josephus (37 - 97):
Priest, a Pharisee, he was Jewish military leader in the war against Rome. He went to the Roman general Vespasian, during the siege of Jotapa, while many of his friends committed suicide rather than surrender. His collaboration with the Romans made hate by his fellow Jews. Jewish historian, he wrote "War of the Jews" (75-79), and "Jewish Antiquities" (93).
"... Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one should consider him as a man, as his works were admirable ... The leaders of our nation having accused before Pilate, the latter had him crucified .. . It appeared their living and resurrected on the third day ... "(Antiquities 18.3.3)
"Anan young, who received the high priesthood ... brings together a council, translated before him Jacques, brother of Jesus called the Christ, and certain others, accusing them of breaking the law, and had them stoned . "

- Manuscript Syriaque No. 14658 of British Museum (date of approximately 73)
Letter sent by a Syrian named Mara Bar-Serapion to his son Serapion. While in prison, he encouraged his son to pursue wisdom, stressing that those who persecuted wise men have had problems. It takes as an example the deaths of Socrates, Pythagoras and Christ. About Christ said:
"... What advantage did the Jews won executing their wise king? Their kingdom was destroyed shortly after ..."

- Suétone (69 - 125)
Archivist at the court of Emperor Hadrian. Disgraced in 122, he devoted himself to historical works.
"As the Jews were constantly disturb the city at the instigation of a certain Christus, he (Claude) drove out of Rome" (Life of Claudius, XXV.11)
"He gave the tortures Christians, addicted to breed a new culprit and superstition" (Life of Nero, XVI.3).
This passage is not direct evidence of the existence of Christ; but it proves that at the time of Nero, ie thirty years after Christ's death, there were people who claimed Christ hard to believe when Christ did not actually exist!

- Cornelius Tacitus (55 - 118)
It is considered the greatest historian of imperial Rome.
He described the burning of Rome in 64, and explained that Christians have become Nero goats emissaries who are accused of having caused the fire; to 116 writes:
"Christian name comes to them the name of Christ, who was convicted in the reign of Tiberius, by the procurator Pontius Pilate ..." (Annals 15.44)

- Pliny (61 - 114)
Latin writer. He was governor of Bithynia (north-western Turkey) in 112. In a letter to the Emperor Trajan he asks her advice on how to deal with Christians:
"Those who denied being Christians or have been, if they invoked the gods according to formula I dictated and by sacrificing their incense and wine to your image that I had to bring this intention with the statues of deities, so also they blasphemed Christ - all of it is, they say, can not get to those who are really Christians - I thought we should release them ... [those who said they were Christians] claimed that all their fault or error had merely be used to meet on a fixed day, before sunrise, singing them alternately a hymn to Christ as to a god ... "(Letters and Eulogy of Trajan X / 96 / 5-7)
This text does not affirm the existence of Jesus Christ but confirms indirectly: it proves that indeed beginning of the second, men and women firmly believed in its existence.
etc., etc.

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