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Holly Starr - "God Is" is the official New Christian music video for the recent single "God Is", released by Holly Starr on June 10th, 2014.

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Website - https://hollystarrmusic.com‬
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Youtube Channel - https://godetube.com/hollystarrmusic‬
Twitter - https://twitter.com/hollystarrmusic‬
"Don't Have Love" Music Video - https://goo.gl/F8aUof
"Through My Father's Eyes" Music Video - https://goo.gl/jmszIJ
"I Love You Anyway" Music Video - https://goo.gl/BImAH

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Short Bio:
In every season, there’s always an intrinsic longing for something more… We dream of something new, someplace fresh or someone different. It’s human nature to never quite be satisfied, but oftentimes, our desires are merely proof that we have gaps in our souls only God can fill. It’s a lesson Holly Starr is learning every day and one she’s anxious to share on her fourth studio release, Everything I Need (Artist Garden Entertainment).

“If there is one lesson I can pick out that God has taught me over the past two years, it’s that in our lives, we all have longings and desires and things that we feel like we are missing [in] life, so we spend a lot of our time trying to master fulfilling those longings and desires,” the singer/songwriter explains. “For some of us, it’s a relationship; for some of us, it’s a job; for some of us, it’s a higher position…but in the end, the thing we ultimately desire is God. He is everything we need.”

At only 24, it would appear Starr has everything she needs and then some, having already achieved what many young girls only dream of. She’s garnered two Top 25 singles at radio for “Don’t Have Love” and “Through My Father’s Eyes,” an impressive feat for an independent artist. In addition, the music videos for both singles are each approaching 1 million views on YouTube. Starr has also become a mainstay at high-profile Christian festivals each summer, including Creation and Lifest. While her credentials are impressive, she’s the first to admit her music has only gotten better with life experience..... Visit Hollystarrmusic.com for more info.

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